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Date: 4 Jan 2006
Investment Times Alert: (STRONG)
Harbin Pingchuan Pharmaceutical: PGCN
Current Price: $0.47
Shares Outstanding: 20 Million
Market Capitalization: $6 Million
Short Term Target: $2.25
12month Target: $8


Pingchuan Pharmaceutical Inc. (”PINGCHUAN”) is a modernized
pharmaceutical manufacturer with first-class medical R&D ability,
pioneered medicine products, and well-established
marketing network. Since its establishment, PINGCHUAN has focused
its businesses on diabetes medicine and its medical products.
The products of PINGCHUAN include health care products,
varieties of medicine, as well as medical apparatus.
Kang Da Glycosuria Capsule is a successful product of PINGCHUAN
for treating diabetes, which was first developed in 1998
and introduced to the market in 2001.
PINGCHUAN has well-established marketing network and sale branches,
which include about 180,000 retail pharmacies/drugstores across China,
agency network in major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and
Xi’an, special counter sale at drug chain stores in key regions,
residence community clinic sale and promotion, as well
as internet marketing through the company’s website.
The marketing network of PINGCHUAN covers more than
50% districts of China and exports to US, Japan, Russia,
and south-eastern Asia.

Remember the gains from our recent “Strong Buy” recommendations…

It is only a matter of time before it is released out
into the investment community and they take it to the moon.

Put it on your screen now !!!
The key to making serious money through investing
is not to follow the crowd.

SmallCap-Investors issued this Alert for Jan 4.
This is a MUST Watch for all Investors.

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Tired of being overweight? We can help! — Save $37

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Hey Amanda,

Here’s that fat loss pill site you asked about, the one I told you with the amazing Hoodia pills. Hey- if they’re good enough for Oprah, then they must be good enough for us lol ;)

Check the site out and let me know later how they work for you, hope you lose as many pounds as I did! :)

Click here!

Later babe xo

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Subject: Re[7]: Tired of being overweight? We can help! — Save $37
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Hi, good news CíALlSS VÁ11iUM ViAGRRÀ

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Hello, Welcome to GigaPharm Onlinee Shop.

P ugs ord nline can SAV MONEY!
rescription Dr ered O E YOU
In some cases you can sa % on the c ption medica
ve up to 70 ost of your prescri tion.

Thousands of our customers aIready enjoy thhese savings.

Checkk out our PRlCES.

Have a nice day.

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From: “Judah Lyons”
To: “Crescentius Feliciano”
Subject: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Hi,_good_news_C=EDALlSS_V=C111iUM_ViAGRR=C0?=
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 00:34:44 -0500

Localized software, all languages available.

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Good day! We would like to offer localized software versions (german, french, spanish, UK, and many others).
All listed software is avaiIabIe for immediate download!
No need to wait 2-3 week for CD delivery!

Just few exampIes:
- Norton Internet Security Pro 2005 - $29.95
- Windows XP Professional With SP2 FuIl Version - $59.95
- CoreI Draw Graphics Suite 12 - $49.95
- Dreamweaver MX 2004 (HomeSite 5.5 incIuding) - $39.95
- Macromedia Studio MX 2004 - $119.95

Just browse our site and find any software you need in your native Ianquage!

Best regards,

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Re[7]: discussion about our tabs

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e Powe ecti

O DE !

Wor de shi g wit hou ld Wi ppin hin 24 rs SP -M UR The we and Saf Wa Ph acy is Ne st The est y of arm Inc e Yo xual Des Spe ume by % reas ur Se ire and rm vol 500 100 ural and de Eff - in con t to wel wn bra % Nat No Si ects tras l-kno nds. Expe ce thr es lon gas rien ee tim ger or ms Wor de shi g wit hou ld Wi ppin hin 24 rs SP -M UR The we and Saf Wa Ph acy is Ne st The est y of arm Inc e Yo xual Des Spe ume by % reas ur Se ire and rm vol 500 100 ural and de Eff - in con t to wel wn bra % Nat No Si ects tras l-kno nds. Expe ce thr es lon gas rien ee tim ger or ms Wor de shi g wit hou ld Wi ppin hin 24 rs SP -M UR The we and Saf Wa Ph acy is Ne st The est y of arm Inc e Yo xual Des Spe ume by % reas ur Se ire and rm vol 500 100 ural and de Eff - in con t to wel wn bra % Nat No Si ects tras l-kno nds. Expe ce thr es lon gas rien ee tim ger or ms Wor de shi g wit hou ld Wi ppin hin 24 rs SP -M UR The we and Saf Wa Ph acy is Ne st The est y of arm Inc e Yo xual Des Spe ume by % reas ur Se ire and rm vol 500 100 ural and de Eff - in con t to wel wn bra % Nat No Si ects tras l-kno nds. Expe ce thr es lon gas rien ee tim ger or ms Wor de shi g wit hou ld Wi ppin hin 24 rs SP -M UR The we and Saf Wa Ph acy is Ne st The est y of arm Inc e Yo xual Des Spe ume by % reas ur Se ire and rm vol 500 100 ural and de Eff - in con t to wel wn bra % Nat No Si ects tras l-kno nds. Expe ce thr es lon gas rien ee tim ger or ms Wor de shi g wit hou ld Wi ppin hin 24 rs SP -M UR The we and Saf Wa Ph acy is Ne st The est y of arm Inc e Yo xual Des Spe ume by % reas ur Se ire and rm vol 500 100 ural and de Eff - in con t to wel wn bra % Nat No Si ects tras l-kno nds. Expe ce thr es lon gas rien ee tim ger or ms Wor de shi g wit hou ld Wi ppin hin 24 rs SP -M UR The we and Saf Wa Ph acy is Ne st The est y of arm Inc e Yo xual Des Spe ume by % reas ur Se ire and rm vol 500 100 ural and de Eff - in con t to wel wn bra % Nat No Si ects tras l-kno nds. Expe ce thr es lon gas rien ee tim ger or ms Wor de shi g wit hou ld Wi ppin hin 24 rs jofogtuftktrtlufultmtqtsroustpurtopftquk pptpuutursshrrtisirjslrinlrsru

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From: “Bunta Richard”
To: “Waren Bruce”
Subject: Re[7]: discussion about our tabs
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 11:41:30 -0100

You want to submit your website to search engines but do not know how to

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Submitting your website in search engines may increase your online sales dramatically.

lf you invested time and money into your website, you simply MUST submit your website

online otherwise it wiII be invisible virtuaIIy, which means efforts spent in vain. If you want

people to know about your website and boost your revenues ,the only way to do that is to

make your site visibIe in places where people search for information ,i.e. submit your

website in muItiple search engines.

Submit your website onIine and watch visitors stream to your e-business.

Best regards,

Kurt French

not interested…

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Best Erection Drugs !diadem

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Best Erection Drugs

world wide shiping

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Your account 828603380VL Sun, 31 Jul 2005 02:17:28 -0800

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I sent you an email a while ago, because you qualified for a
much lower rate based on our records from a national database.
Why is this? Because currently it is a buyers market with the
lowest rates in years.

You can now get $325,000 for as little as $709 a month!
We realize many homeowners struggle and that makes it difficult
to maintain good credit. But we specialize in poor credit cases- helping you
to refinance even with bad credit, helping you lower your monthly
burden and build back your credit.
You will receive the lowest rate possible in your special circumstance

You can fill out this quick form and be approved within 24 hours:

Thank you,
Damion Conn

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Your logo and visual identity from us

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This page seems to offer designs. However this mail recieved my box without permission.

Thinking of breathing new life into your business? Start from revamping its front-end logo and visual

We offer creative custom design of logos, stationery and web-sites. Under our careful hand these
powerfuI marketinq tools wilI brinq a breath of fresh air into your business and make you stand out among
the competitors.
You are just a cIick away from your future success. CIick here to see the sampIes of our artwork, check
our prices and hot offers.

not interested…

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Mon, 01 Aug 2005 01:48:32 +0000

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